I'm a Galway based photographer who is a little obsessed with photography. That obsession didn't hit me until my early 20's but when it did, it really took over. I started my photography business with a simple goal in mind; "to provide images of the highest quality that surpass the expectations of my clients". I am a firm believer that what you get back is directly related to the effort put in. On every shoot, I try to reach that goal; I believe it's not good enough nowadays to become comfortable, because as soon as you start to become comfortable, you become irrelevant.

Behind the camera...
I'm relaxed, I don't fuss, I don't stress, thats critically important to the way I work with my clients. When shooting life events like a Wedding the ability to blend in as one of the guests in an invaluable asset as a photographer. I shoot weddings & portrait and teach beginners workshops all year round.

Away from the camera...
I have a wonderful wife and two small boys who keep me busy. I love gadgets & gear but understand that all the gear in the world does not make you a better photographer, to that end I'm constantly striving to better my photography craft. I attend international workshops yearly to learn from some of the best photographers in the industry which has helped me to build up a client base of repeat customers.
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Taking a photography lesson, here is some background info...
I take a "cut to the chase" approach with my private digital photography lessons & workshop classes. These classes are about "accelerated learning" on core topics. We focus on the core topics of exposure, metering, camera modes, composition & lighting etc. We take an in-depth look at each of these & then we'll get hands on to put it all into practice. I want you to understand why you choose certain settings as opposed to telling you which settings to use. Once you understand the "why" & understand what the camera is doing behind the scenes, your photography skills will improve immensely.
Gerard Conneely photography About Me Photo

wedding photography photo taken at salthill hotel by gerard conneely photograper

dromoland castle wedding photography gerard conneely photography photo

Dromoland Castle Wedding Photography

photography of bride dancing with her stunning dress at dromoland castle on her wedding day

Professional Photographer in Galway Gerard Conneely Photography Photo

The moment the junior bridesmaids see the bride in her dress

quay street wedding photography galway gerard conneely

Wedding Photographer Galway | Bride & Groom on Quay Street Galway

gerard conneely photography modern wedding photographer in galway

wedding photographer galway bride and groom

Gerard Conneely Photography Photo

Professional Photography in Galway with Gerard Conneely Photography

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