Bed And Breakfast Photography Galway

In the vast majority of cases, people book accommodation based on the photos they see. Other factors like your location & rating are harder to control but you can have professional photos taken to showcase your best attractions. Photos can be used on a variety of websites, booking engines & social media sites. I provide a very affordable & professional guest house / bed and breakfast photography service.

B&B Photographer Galway

About Me: I am a commercial & interiors photographer. As I only focus on this type of photography, my equipment, approach & photo editing is aimed at making the most of the space within houses and is especially suited for guesthouse photography. For me, photo editing and presentation is as important as photo taking to ensure you get the maximum benefit from the photography sesson.


Quality guest house photos contribute to 90% of peoples booking choices. 

Bed And Breakfast Photographer

Bed And Breakfast Photographer Galway

Guest House Photographer Galway

The bed and breakfast photography sesson

With guesthouses and room bookings etc, I would normally need to make 2 visits to your guesthouse. It's not always easy to have all rooms free so I find it's best to shoot some of the rooms one day and the other rooms when they are free on the second day. In most cases I can get all the main images for the outside, dining area, sitting room and some of the bedrooms/bathrooms on the first visit. I would normally take about 1.5 – 2 hours to complete the photo taking following up by another 5-6 hours to complete the photo editing so I would aim to have all the photos for you 2-3 days after the shoot. Around lunch time seems to be the best time to take the photos as some guests have checked out and the rooms are ready for the next visitor.

Guest House Breakfast

If there are any photos in particular you’d like taken, we can discuss that when I make the first visit, e.g. a sample breakfast photo on a set table etc. You could also consider having a tray in one of the bedrooms with some tea/coffee snacks etc just to give that guest house feeling to the photos. I don't normally worry about the weather for outside shots as I can edit the sky etc to make it look like they were taking on a nice summers day. Once finished, I'll provide you with all the edited photos on a DVD in different sizes, full size, Facebook size, web size etc.

Guest House Photography Staging

Guesthouse Interior Photo

I shoot two styles of photos, ultra wide angle to make the most of the space within a room which makes rooms look slightly bigger than they are and gets more of the room in the image. Secondly, I shoot what I call detailed shots, these may be close up of features such as fireplaces, bathroom ornaments or anything that makes the photo stand out. I think this gives an insightful view of each room from different angles.

Detailed B&B Advertising

The most common guest house photography questions I get asked

Q: What do I do with the images once you give them to me?

A: You may use them on your website, booking engines like, Tripadvisor, Discover Ireland, facebook pages and/or brochures etc

Q: What do I need to do before you arrive?

A: Not a lot, just choose the rooms you’d like photographed, we can discuss any special requirements before I arrive, like breakfast photos or any staged photos you’d like

Q: Do we need good weather for the photos?

A: No, not for the interior photos. Fairly good weather would be required for exterior photos but I can work with editing software to make sure the sky is blue & the sun is shinning in photos

Q: What other services do I provide?

A: I do website design & brochures. Some customers have outdated websites or no website at all, in which case I offer a package deal for photography & website design. 

Q: Do you need to photograph all my rooms?

A: No, what you don’t show is as important as what you do show. Choose your best bedrooms & bathrooms and showcase your best facilities. It’s very important that my customers are 100% happy with the photos, I place no time limit on photo shoots or the number of visits I need to make. Feel free to get in touch via the details on my Contact page for pricing info & more details. 

Professional Guesthouse Photography Galway

Professional Guesthouse B&B Photography Galway

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