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As an interiors photographer your biggest challenge is the lighting contrast between light and dark areas in a scene. With interiors, this range is the difference between dark shadow areas and brightly lit or window areas. When standing in a room, the human eye can see a much higher range of light than a camera can capture with a single shot. There are various photographic & lighting techniques which can be used to overcome these limitations. I use off camera flash & continuous lighting setups along with other image taking & editing techniques to ensure that the images you get are the same as when you are standing in the room.

Lighting considerations when photographing interior spaces

All cameras are severely limited at capturing interior spaces & depending on the scene, very often need to be supplemented with additional lighting. Below are some before & after samples taking this month from shoots for the upcoming publication of Upstairs Downstairs magazine... (June 2016) When lighting interiors, I favour Profoto strobes & speedlites (flashes) triggered remotely off camera, typically requiring 3-4 light sources per image for larger spaces. It never ceases to amaze me just how bad test shots look straight out of camera without the addition of artificial lighting. In larger interiors, segment lighting is required to light segments of a scene individually and then blend multiple segment lit photos in photoshop to produce the final image. The final images should resemble what the human eye sees, however cameras really struggle with high contrast scenes where there are extremes between highlight & shadow areas, and single images taken without the assistance of artificial light rarely look natural to us. This is due to a cameras inability to see the full range of light that our eyes can see, in comparison, cameras can capture about half that range of light in a single image. Often the hardest part of an interiors shoot is finding places to hide the light sources...

professional lighting for interiors photography

professional lighting in interiors photos

Above: a shoot for "Inspiring Spaces" company, published in Upstairs Downstairs Magazine

Property photography before and after edit

Above: a cover page shoot for Upstairs Downstairs magazine

lighting for property photography

interior property photographer with interior lighting galway

cafe restaurant photographer galway

Interior shoot at Rogue & Co, Roscommon

photographer for cafe restaurant photography galway

cafe interiors photographer in galway

Interiors Shoot at An Cupan Tae, Galway

Interiors Photographer Ireland Photo

Hotel Photography by Irish Interiors Specialist Gerard Conneely

Above: The lobby at Jury's Inn hotel, Galway

Interiors Photography for Ireland Specialist Irish Interiors Photographer

Irish Interiors and property photographer