Wedding Photography | The Claddagh & Quay Street, Galway | by Gerard Conneely Photography

Wedding Photographer Galway | The Claddagh & Quay Street Galway | Sarah & Alan

wedding claddagh galway bride groom gerard conneely photography photo

Wedding photography of bride & groom at the Claddagh in Galway city

Wedding Date: 30th  Dec 2016 | Wedding Venue: Claregalway Hotel | Location images: the Claddagh & Quay street Galway

In the month of December, Sarah & Alan had their wedding day at the Claregalway hotel in Galway with location photos in Quay street & the Claddagh. It was bitterly cold but that was soon forgotten as their is a certain buzz having your wedding photos taken in Quay street as the masses of people look on and offer their support. There is something special about walking up Quay street with the bridal party, shop owners came out to give champague to the bride & groom. I got to know Sarah a few months before the wedding, Sarah is also a photographer and she explained that the photos were extremely important to her. I'd be lying if I said that didn't add a little extra pressure but like all weddings, once you arrive at the brides house and start shooting, the nerves soon disappear. With wedding photography you only get once chance to get it right so every effort was made on my behalf to plan the timeline for the day so it ran as smoothly as possible. The following snippet of images are a mixture of natural light photos as well as off camera strobe lighting. 

quay street galway wedding bride groom gerard conneeely photography photo

Galway wedding photography at Quay street in Galway

bride groom wedding quay street galway gerard conneely photography photo

Wedding Photography of bride & groom at Quay street in Galway city

wedding couple quay street galway gerard conneely photography photo

galway wedding bride groom quay street galway gerard conneely photography photo

quay street wedding photography galway

Bride & groom - wedding photography at Quay street Galway

galway wedding quay street bridal party photo

Bridal party wedding photography at Quay street, Galway

wedding galway bride gerard conneely photography photo

wedding dress outdoor coats game of thrones theme

Staying warm on a windy day with the "Game of Thrones" themed bridal party overcoats - the girls would have been frozen without these, especially on the Claddagh,

not only did they keep the bridal party warm, they made the girls look somewhat like princesses ;)


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