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One Day Photography Workshop Galway - The Fundamentals of Digital Photography for Beginners

Where you become comfortable with your camera so you can start taking good photos - fast!

All camera models suitable, DSLR, mirrorless, bridge & point and shoot cameras

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We'll be taking a deep dive into the core concepts & fundamentals of digital photography. The workshop will be a mixture of classroom tuition, instructor led demos & hands on practice for attendees. From looking at the course outline below, you'll see we cover a large amount of content. There is a lot of information to take in as this workshop covers beginners right up to intermediate levels. All camera types are welcome from DSLR cameras, to mirrorless/bridge cameras to point and shoot cameras. For attendees who do not yet own a camera, I have spare cameras available for use on the day and I am happy to advise those attendees on what cameras I recommend purchasing. 

My photography workshops are aimed at beginners, people who use the auto mode but want to learn more about their camera as well as photography and learn all the features of their cameras. The photography lesson takes the format of a group workshop where attendees get hands on and it allows you to practice what you learn throughout the day. My previous workshop attendees often tell me they do not have time for evening based photography lessons which take place over 8-10 weeks, but they would rather take a single day to learn the fundamentals of digital photography.

My photography course is just that, a full day of tuition covering all the important areas of photography including, composition, light, exposure, shutter speeds, aperture, ISO, camera modes, focusing, depth of field, lenses & focal length, metering, using tripods, raw vs jpeg files and so forth. Each course attendee will receive all course content in handout format which can be referred to after the workshop as well as a list of practice exercises. 

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Attendee feedback from a workshop

I found the one day photography workshop for beginners absolutely invaluable. From start to finish, this course was so professional. A sign of good teacher, is when they can impart their knowledge simply to the student, Gerard excelled at this. Gerard’s passion for photography & depth of knowledge & experience allows him to explain all of the key aspects of photography with ease, while using every day hands on examples. I learned so much, I felt so empowered by all of my new found knowledge that I went straight out after the course to practice. The course was worth every penny, I highly recommend it.

Lena Taylor - August 2014 Workshop

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FORGET Auto Mode

Get CREATIVE with your Camera


Private ONE 2 ONE lessons

What my attendees say...

"I have attended other courses with other photographers...

but none were delivered this effectively or successfully

5/5 star recommendation" | Rob Eyres - Nov 2014 Workshop

Learn "The Fundamentals of Digital Photography" FAST

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Gerard Conneely PHOTOGRAPHY


An ACCELERATED learning experience

into the world of Photography & Lighting


set of photography courses

we'll take a DEEP DIVE

into camera settings & controls

and get you fully UP-TO-SPEED

in a single sitting...

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What to Expect

A comprehensive well thought out course for beginners...

which simplifies the use of your camera

through PRACTICAL & hands on training...

A relaxed & informal group setting

of like minded peers

learning at the same pace...

Total Beginners Welcome

No Experience Required

We'll go beyond camera controls...

& learn about photography & lighting

for portraits & landscapes

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much more! create


with no compromises!

Please check the other demo sliders

Learn how to shoot any scene by using only 3 buttons on your camera!

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Camera Focusing

Out of the box - your camera decides what to focus on

This is a setup we should really avoid...

I'll teach you a technique called...

"Focus & Recompose"

Where you can pinpoint your focus...

In any part of an image - quickly and accurately...

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Learn about gear:- cameras & lenses | tripods | speedlites | accessories

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Learn why "lighting" is more important, "location" is secondary...

Take advantage of good light, in a bad location...

Lighting:- for landscapes | portraits | natural & artificial lighting techniques

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Get to grips with window light

Shooting with natural light

Master backlighting...

Working with Flash...

Shooting indoors without flash...

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Exposure - learn how to control the brightness of an image or certain areas within an image...

Camera's lack the ability to see what we see...

This is often what the camera does when it is confronted with a tricky scene

You'll learn multiple techniques to overcome those issues & get correct exposures...

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Learn how control your backgrounds for that out of focus effect

Typically used for portraits - it helps draw the viewers eye to the subject

"Depth of Field" - the term used for the amount of out of focus blur...

With a full topic on Depth of Field - we'll cover this in great detail...

& you'll get hands on to put that effect into your images

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Online booking available...

No deposit required

Attendee feedback from a workshop

I recently attended Gerard's 1 day beginner course. Upon arrival I was warmly welcomed with a smile and a choice of tea/coffee. He had created a very relaxing atmosphere for all of us which made photography so much more enjoyable to learn. The course was taught through a mixture of demos and a hands on practical approach for all. The information was delivered in a clear, concise and extremely well structured manner. He took the time to answer all our questions and made sure nobody was left behind. Handouts where even provided to all of us at the end to further our learning experience. Overall, Gerard is a true proffesional who i could not recommend enough. If you are a beginner, finding photography a difficult subject to grasp or just want to take your photos to the next level then Gerard's course is the only one you need to attend. Amazing value and an outstanding teacher...

Jonathon Magee - September 2016 Workshop - review via google +

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Photography Workshop Outline


How Your Camera Works | Camera Buttons, Dials & key Menu Items
Digital Camera Sensor Formats / Full Frame vs Crop Sensors & Field of View
Camera Exposure Part 1: Aperture, ISO & Shutter Speed
Camera Exposure Part 2: Stops of light & Creative Exposure
Image Composition
Understanding Aperture
Understanding Shutter Speeds
Basic & Advanced Camera Modes inc Manual & Aperture|Shutter Priority
Depth of Field 
Understanding White Balance (Image Colour) 
Composite Photography
Photography Classes Lessons Course Workshop Beginners Galway


Mirrorless cameras vs DSLR cameras

Pros and cons of DLSR cameras compaired to the new generation of mirrorless cameras
Purchasing guide, what and where to buy camera bodies and lenses
mirrorless camera galway fuji xt1



Metering Modes - Matrix / Spot / Center Weighted
Metering Techniques
Exposure Compensation
Metering in High Contrast & Even Lighting
Metering for Backlighting
Understanding the Dynamic Range of Light
Using The Histogram 
Learn to use Camera Metering Modes



Image Quality
Focal Length Explained & Best Uses
Lens Compression for Portraiture 
Lens Aperture
Lens Stabilisation Techniques 
Which Lenses for Portraiture / Landscape / Low Light / General Photography
- Wide Angle Lenses / Prime Lens / Standard Zoom / Telephoto / Macro
Reducing Camera Shake for Hand-Held Photos
Selecting camera lenses for your DSLR camera



Focus Selection Points - learn how to pinpoint your focus in any part of an image
Focus Modes for Still/Moving Subjects
Advanced Focusing Techniques
Getting Sharp Camera Focus



Camera Accessories
Caring for your Camera
Selecting & Using a Camera Tripod
Where to Purchase Camera Equipment
Camera and Lenses Accessories



Portrait & Landscape Photography
Taking Sharp Images
Night Photography
Action Photography – Kids, Pets & Sports 
Photo Bracketing - Why & How to use it
Learning Landscape Photography in Ireland



Lighting for Portraiture - why to choose natural light over flash
Combining natural & flash Exposures
Using your builtin camera flash
Using on camera speedlites (external flashes - demo if requested)
TTL & manual flash modes
Using aperture & shutter speed to control exposure
Using Bounced Flash
Understanding hard & soft light
Flash Photography Lessons Course Galway



Image Files
Understanding Bit Depth
Understanding Image Types: JPEG & TIFF
Understanding RAW Files: Why Should I Use RAW?
Image Printing, Framing & Presentation
Raw image files vs JPEG image files

what camera to buy for a beginner

Attendee feedback from a workshop

I attended one of Gerard Conneely’s Photography workshops in November 2013. I was a complete beginner and I found the course content to be excellent and very well presented. The day is broken down into topics and each topic is covered in great detail. Gerard demonstrates each topic and ensures all class attendees get hands on to practice throughout the day. In addition to learning how to use my camera efficiently, he also covers general photography elements like composition, lighting, landscape photography, portraits & nighttime photography etc so I took a lot more away from the day than I had expected. I’m now much more comfortable using my camera and I’m quite confident to say it has improved my photos taking skill immensely.  Thank you Gerard for taking the time to put such an enjoyable course together, I would wholeheartedly recommend Gerard’s 1 day photography workshops to others.

Martin Murphy - November 2013 Workshop

A selection of attendee feedback from past workshops

I've just attended Ger's one day beginner's photography workshop and found it invaluable. A lot of lights got switched on inside this beginner's head and I found it incredibly useful not to have to take notes. I could just concentrate on the learning because Ger provides a full set of the course notes when you leave. He's a professional yet friendly educator, who puts you at ease and answers all your questions. The course content was laid out in plain English and in a logical sequence and I couldn't recommend Ger highly enough. Like most beginners I went to YouTube but honestly everyone on there has such a different opinion it was refreshing and a relief to have someone to cut through the enormous wealth of information and get you on the road to creativity without any fuss. If you're considering booking a course with Ger, don't dilly dally any longer, just go and book it. You won't regret it.

Laura Burke - January 2016 Workshop - review via google+

Participated in day course 10:30-17:30 which actually went to 18:30 so that Gerard could accommodate our specific questions - excellent value for money. Fantastic course that balances the theoretical with the practical elements using our own camera gear. Covered all elements of photography leaving the day with all the information I need to take the best possible photographs. Gerard provided plenty of opportunities for questions which were always answered. I have attended other courses with other photographers but none were delivered this effectively or successfully. 5/5 star recommendation.

Rob Eyers - December 2014 Workshop - review via google+

I was a complete beginner and i did'nt know if i would understand all the photography terminology and was worried i would feel a bit overwhelmed with all the information, but Gerard simplified everything and made it great fun and very interesting. He is not only a superb photographer but also an excellent teacher! The setting for the course was very comfortable and the day flew as Ger made everything so easy to understand. A great introduction to photography for me! I would highly recommend this photography workshop to others, thanks Gerard

Eibhlín Ní Choistealbha, TG4 - February 2015 Workshop

Learn Photography Galway Course Lessons Privatebook photography course

Attendee feedback from a workshop

Great course and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I have been using cameras for 20 years and was amazed by how much I learned at Gerard's one day workshop. He is a natural teacher and simplifies photography methods and techniques. I would highly recommend novices and intermediates to take this course, again great teacher great workshop..

Seamus Kavanagh - August 2015 Workshop - review via google +