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Above: The Graphi Studio Young Book | printed on metalic photography paper with satin lamination, crystal glance image book cover, box inset printed photo with two smaller parent copies

As a wedding photographer I have the amazing opportunity to capture moments in time forever. Handing over those images on a USB stick does little to tell the story of your day in the mind-set in which it was photographed. I'm passionate about printed media and I get just as excited as my wedding couples do when viewing a wedding album for the first time. The stunning design of the Graphistudio albums, especially the latest Graphi Young Book with its crystal glance cover & stylish design always catches people’s attention. I take pride in handing over a tanglibe product that will be part of your family & home for generations to come... The details & FAQ below provides details on my wedding albums. I typically meet with couples prior to booking a wedding so you have the oppertunity to look at sample wedding albums first hand.

Wedding albums Galway - original wedding book from graphistudio with parent copies

wedding photography wedding albums

Choose from a full array of wedding album materials & colours from leather to silk printed via photographic printing on metalic paper with satin lamination... 

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Q: What type of wedding albums do you provide?

A: I use GraphiStudio in Italy for wedding album orders, these are luxury albums that are hand made in Italy. The craftsmanship is these wedding books is extraordinary and will showcase your wedding as an amazing story. Each page is flush mounted which means that there is no gutter in the middle of the pages like in a magazine, this allows full spread images across two pages. I choose the highest paper print option of photographic printing on metallic paper with satin lamination on all albums. Every album comes with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty. By far my most popular album option is the GraphiStudio Young Book, this is included in my all-inclusive package with 50 pages. The unique box design contains an inset printed image inside the box internal cover and a vast array of colour & material options. 

luxury wedding photography album book

The origional wedding book album by Graphistudio, with woven book spine, sequoia leather cover & a maple wood design box

Wedding album spread

A wedding album spread is a set of two pages

Q: How does the album order process work?

A: When potential couples get in touch, at our initial meeting I show 3-4 wedding albums. You'll get a chance to review the different materials and textures and I'll explain what to look for when choosing quality wedding albums. You do not have to decide at that time if you wish to add an album to your wedding package. For couples who do choose to order a wedding album, there are two parts to the order process which are fairly quick and simple. 1) you choose the album type you like and 2) we design the album with your selection images. A 50 page album would contain about 140 images. 

To pick an album & its material & colour scheme, I email you over a set of 3D templates to get started, then we refine the colour schemes & materials you like. From your private online gallery, you add a star next to the images you like, once you have chosen your favourite album photos, I’ll do an initial album spread design for you to review and you are free to refine the images used as well as image placement throughout the album. The process is normally quite quick as the initial design if often close to the final layout. When happy with the final design, I place the order with GraphiStudio and the production process & delivery time is about 5 weeks from the order date. In most cases, unless the couple are based outside Ireland, the album is shipped to me first so I can do a quick quality check to ensure the album is 100% perfect. If ordering parent copies, those are smaller sized books with the exact same album layout. 

Wedding album design

Story book album design - each spread showcases a different mini story of your day

wedding albums galway design process

Q: How important is it that we order a wedding album?

A: The importance of a wedding album will vary from couple to couple, in my personal opinion I think it's quite an important step to take in order to preserve your wedding day memories over time. Nothing compares to printed media for a number of reasons. With the rapid changing state of IT technology, images stored on USB, hard disk or in the Cloud etc will just not stand the test of time. I know it's often talked about, but for example my parents wedding album, which is nearly 50 years old is still available for me to put my hand on and look back over their wedding day images. In 50 years' time, your children will not know what google cloud storage is nor will they have access to anything like a USB key, images that are not printed or printed in a wedding album simply will be lost over time. 

Another reason for printing your photos is that photos that look great on screen, will always look even better when printed. This is due to the higher resolution of print media and more subtle gradients of colour on paper. Of course, not all print media is the same, your album will be printed on luxury heavy weight paper and presented in clean & stylishly designed book. The albums provided by Graphistudio are only available to registered photographers, and as such they stand over the quality of those albums with a life time warranty. 

GraphiStudio Wedding Albums by Gerard Conneely Photography Photo

Q: How do we go about choosing our wedding album images?

A: Upon receiving your private password  protected gallery link with all your edited images, you may mark your favourite image album selection. I then go about designing the initial album layouts for your first review. You are free to add/remove photos at any time as well as alter the layouts on each spread. There are a few guidelines in good album design such as not mixing black & white images on the same page as well as making more important images larger etc but I take care of all this during the design process.

Q: How many images can we display in an album?

A: Typically the number of images in a 40 page album would be about 115-135 images and a 50 page album would contain about 135-150 images.

Q: Can we just get the images from the wedding & order an album ourselves at a later time?

A: Certainly, I do have a package option which is "images only", i.e. you will receive all images fully edited in Facebook (small) and full high resolution sizes. Speaking as a married person myself, I do recommend that if you do choose the "images only" option with a view to designing & printing a wedding album yourself, you do so as soon as you can after receiving your wedding photos. I often find that people put it on the long finger and over time, it seems to become less important and is often forgotten about. Whether you are printing your wedding photos in Galway or ordering your images online, I will guide you & recommend the best wedding photo printing services to use. 

Sample Wedding Album Layout

Wedding details - wedding album spread layout

wedding album father and son

Wedding album spread - son doing up his Dad's tie on his wedding day

Wedding photography prints

Sample wedding album galway

Above: The "Origional Wedding Album Book" by Graphistudio with leather covering & a woven book spine

wedding album claddagh galway

Sample wedding album spread showcasing the advantage of a second shooter for additional angles 

The Graphistudio Young Book

I offer the Graphistudio "Young Book" in 3 variations differing is size & the number of pages. Below you will find some details on the Young Book and it's design options. Selecting your wedding album & box colours & textures is made very simple with the Graphistudio 3D configuration tool, essentially I provide you with a set of colours & materials to choose from which you can see in a 3D model of your album which you can tailor to your taste. In addition, I show clients a swatch box which is a full set of materials, textures & colours so you can see & feel the materials you may order your wedding album with. This puts the full design in your own hands so you can tailor the album exactly as you like. You may of course let me recommend some options that work well to simplify the ordering process. 

wedding albums galway brides grooms
luxury wedding albums galway

Above: the Graphistudio wedding album materials box - a full selection of all materials and colours to choose form

groom getting ready wedding datails gerard conneely photography

groom getting ready photo - galway wedding photograply album spread

Sample album spreads - groom getting ready






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