G Hotel Galway Wedding | Deirdre & David 

Date | 21st April 2017

Wedding Photography at the G hotel, Galway

When I first met Deirdre, she knew exactly where she wanted to get married, the G hotel. She loved the interior styling of the hotel and decided that all the photos taken on the day would be at the G hotel, we would not be heading off to any scenic locations. With my background in interiors photography & lighting, I thought this is just perfect. Deirdre had viewed the images I had previously taken at my styled wedding shoot at the G hotel so we knew we could make it work without needing any additional locations.

I took my second shooter with me for this one, both to capture those additional candid moments but also to assist with lighting at various parts of the day. I find I use more & more off camera lighting lately (off camera lighting is when the flash is not on the camera, rather the light is coming from another direction which is trigger remotely from your camera) and having a second shooter along means she can assist with lighting when she is not taking photos. As a wedding photographer, you do your utmost best with the time you have to create memories for your couples, to produce images that have variety, loving moments, laughter, joy & tears, it's a nonstop event but it's so very worth it when you review the images at the end of the day. 

wedding photography g hotel galway first dance by gerard conneely photography photo

The first dance at the G hotel in Galway, shot with back lighting via off camera flashes positioned in the background

bride getting ready in the bridal suite at the g hotel galway

Bride getting ready at the G hotel in Galway, the large curtains in the bridal suite make it easy to shape the light just the way we wanted it

g hotel wedding gerard conneely photography photo

Children are a very important part of the bridal prep, when couples have children, I always recommend to include them in the photos throughout the wedding day

wedding g hotel galway

Bride to be, on the stairs on her way to the civil ceremony at the G hotel in Galway

wedding photographer g hotel galway

April colours giving us a helping hand, lighting from off camera softbox held by my second shooter

wedding photos g hotel galway

Love the colour and texture of the wall, putting complementary photos together to form a wedding album spread

bride groom Grand Salon lounge g hotel galway

The Grand Salon Lounge at the G hotel

wedding group photo
bridal portrait at the g hotel

Wedding couple at the entrance to the G hotel in Galway, night time photo with off camera flash

A photo to end the wedding album, using a little off camera flash to add some drama for this dusk image of the happily married couple